California Dreamin' [Featuring MarcyPoe]

by R.O.B.

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Yeah, I've been dreamin' for awhile now about makin' it to the top
You see cuz, hip hop saved my life and I wanna live in this very moment right here
I wanna bask in the L.A. sunshine and shine along with it
[R.O.B: Hear me, hear me]
Livin' life to the fullest
California dreamin'
[R.O.B: Here we go]
Let's do it


I could feel the bright lights beamin' down on my skin
I could hear the sounds of the city that I step in
I wish I could go back to that place
I wish I could just re-live those days
Most times you could find me by the water
Escapin the stress of this life out of order
Feelin' like I'm trapped whenever I'm away from ya
Moment that I'm back I never wanna stray from ya
What you're doin' is kinda like magic
And I'm feelin better than drugs on this planet
Something goin' on inside that I can't describe
But I know it makes me feel high
Lifted to a whole 'nother atmosphere
Sittin' on a cloud writin on a card
I wish you were here
Describin' the scenery and how much you'd love it
Gettin' a rush from the view right above it


It's finally happening finally gonna live my dreams
Cuz it ain't too far reachin' for the skylined stars
I'm packin' up my bags and takin' all the good I have
I'm breakin' out the seams livin' California dreams


I think I feel a little...
I think I feel a little...
I think I feel a little...
Everytime I step in that sand
My clean kicks gettin' dirty when I'm
Dodgin' the waves
You came here to play
But I came here to stay
And uh, there ain't no other like this California weather
Stationary on the coast and homies got green to smoke
But I don't need weed I'm high like these palm trees
On Santa Monica beach or Venice watchin' the freaks
Raydogg behind the wheel and I'm in the passenger seat
Slidin' down Downtown just seein' what we could see
I get the feeling that I'm home now
I loved you since I was a kid and even more because I'm grown now
It's like everytime I'm here its somethin' new
But I don't ask for much I just appreciate the view
I love L.A.


(Hook 1x)


This feelin' I get is crazy
Feelin' like L.A. is where I'm from
Even though DubTown raised me
I know you're in my heart for a reason
I got goals so I know you could help me achieve them
They say the city ain't for most people
But to me its pumpin through my veins
So I don't stop and listen to those people
If it knocks you down, you come back harder and run
Don't take your focus off your goals and don't forget
Where you're from
This Westcoast
It's different from what you watch up on the movie screen
You could go places you never been if you're chasin' dreams
From the smog of the city to the waves of the beach
From the bright lights and cameras to the grit in these streets
There's much more to the eye than anybody could see
But no matter where I'm at I manage to find peace
I swear
I'm tellin' you I never knew what amazin' was
Until I stepped inside the city of Los Angeles


(Hook 1x)


Cali sunshine beamin'
We made it to the top now
We made it to the top now


released August 27, 2013
Produced by Jamel at



all rights reserved


R.O.B. Winton, California



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