Say My Name

by R.O.B.

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The latest single from R.O.B. titled "Say My Name" off of the upcoming Homeless to Hip-Hop project!!


Hey Duke I see you boy
Thats Right

You know where to find me
Go head say my name
Rollin through the backstreets
Let me hear you say my name
Your girl said she want me
I love the way she say my name
I'm Reality I'm on beats
Whole world just say my name

Verse 1:
Stay real it ain't never been a question
See me fly by red light intersection
Fuckin up the game so raw
No protection
D-Dubs in sky
Westside connection
Yeah, I keep it real OT
Off top yeah you know me
Player in the game I'm the MVP
And everybody love the sound I get em on their feet
Uh, I get It In and I dont sleep
Lace up my coke bottle plus a dope beat
Every time you turn around yo girl scope me
She want me to dick her down I know she hoping
You hear the music coming out the speakers
She knockin' R.O.B. every time I leave her
She fuck with me cuz she know I don't play games
And she know I love it when she say my name


Verse 2:
Now let me get back to this real shit
Back to the money back in the building
Last track I was turnt to a million
But Fuck that now Im turnt to a billion
High rise feel me rippin off the ceilin'
We live life spread love cuz I know kills them
But if you aint about no money I ain't touchin it
Long as she ain't a snow bunny then we fuckin then
I could feel it in your touch
Slow down you ain't gotta say much
I'm smellin your perfume it gave me a head rush
So lay back your seat now
And open your legs up
Fresh fit pullin up pull my snap down
And the only time you call is when he ain't around
Holla at me keep it real and I'll slide thru
Long as you say my name when I'm inside you

[Hook 2x]


released January 13, 2015
Produced by MadReal



all rights reserved


R.O.B. Winton, California



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